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Please visit the District's Volunteer page for more information about policies, procedures, TB, and forms.


Pomerado Elementary thanks you for your interest in being an active participant in your child’s educational experience.  We love our volunteers because they contribute so much time and energy to our students and staff. Our schools would not be what they are without you.

Each Volunteer type must be approved by the school and District. Volunteers must be cleared to be a Field Trip Chaperone and volunteering in the classroom.

Steps to be a Level I volunteer requires completion of the following:

  1. Complete the following forms
    1. Level I Application  (Megan’s Law)
b. Volunteer Code of Conduct
c. Volunteer Code of Confidentiality
d. Verification of COVID Vaccine or Negative PCR test [test to be done no more than one week before each volunteer date]
e. Proof of identification/driver’s license [proof of identification/driver’s license to be shown at school site]
2. Applicant will turn in completed forms plus proof of a negative TB test to school site where they plan to volunteer. This test must be performed within the last 4 years. TB tests must be kept current to continue volunteering.
3. The school site will then notify you via email once your application is approved.
4. If you already have volunteered at a school site and wish to transfer to or add a new school, you must notify the new site and complete the transfer form, Transfer Request for Megan's Law. The new school site will notify you once the transfer is approved.
Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and for your support of our school!