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Pomerado History


The Paguay School District was established in1871 with students who gathered in private homes.
In 1875 the District began to subdivide. First into the Bernardo district. This district was in the North part of Poway and South Escondido.
In 1885 the first publicly owned facility was constructed in Poway. For some reason the second story was never completed. In 1906 the school house was remodeled into a one-story structure.
In 1890 the Stowe district was formed and a school was built in southeastern Poway. However, a drought caused settlers to abandon their homesteads and in 1906 the school house was sold at an auction for $25.
In 1907 the Merton school was constructed with Public funds. This building was located on Pomerado Road near the present location of the Poway Christian School. It was moved to the Community Road site in 1920. Today the school has been transformed into a private residence.
In 1920 due to declining enrollment in the Merton and Bernardo Districts, voters decided to unionize with the Poway School. They were not ready to relinquish the old names in favor of the name "POWAY"  so, instead, they took the letters "PO" from Poway, "MER" from Merton and "ADO" from Bernardo to create a new name for the union-thus POMERADO.
 Pomerado 1925The Merton and Bernardo school buildings were moved to the site of the Poway School on Community Road to provide additional classroom space. They remained until 1925 when a new school building was constructed on Midland Road.

The old buildings were moved to the Midland Road site to be used as residences for the school staff. The Pomerado Union School (now known as Midland) was located here until 1959. In 1959-1960 Pomerado Elementary School was built at its current location on 9th Street.